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Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart

Very rarely do games ever try and show us romantic relationships of any substance and even rarer are the times they get it right. Sure, we've had some epic loves that are spellbound fairy tales, but real love isn't always about prince charming and a sleeping beauty; sometimes love's messy, complicated, confusing, depressing, or just plain off.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart

Love isn't perfect and people in love are most definitely not perfect either, but that's what makes romantic stories so compelling. Each of these cases have something wrong or amiss in them, but they are undeniably more realistic than the myriad of Disney-esque tales we see all over the place.

1. Final Fantasy X ( Tidus and Yuna ) -

First met when: 

He washed up in Besaid and greeted her as she prepared for a pilgrimage. 

Why they're the best: 

The main Final Fantasy series always tries to shoehorn in a romantic subplot, usually with mixed results. Some, like Cecil and Rosa (FFIV), are extremely basic and clich. Others are a bit more involved, but still arent necessarily moving in a profound way (Squall and Rinoa, Zidane and Dagger). We feel that once the curtain falls on Final Fantasy X, Tidus and Yuna have grown in very measurable ways and have a connection thats more than rescuer/rescued, and strong enough to stand even the staunchest scrutiny. 

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Final Fantasy X ( Tidus and Yuna )

Yes, Tidus begins as a whiny brat. Yes, Yuna is a soft-spoken, duty-bound woman forced to marry someone for political gain. But its the journey that makes them a standout and star-crossed couple, far more endearing than the forced Squall/Rinoa relationship or the high school-caliber drama of Final Fantasy VII. But, in a remarkably effective plot twist, it turns out that Tidus isnt exactly real, and fulfilling their mission could mean the end of his existence. They follow through for the greater good, and then an entire game (Final Fantasy X-2) is devoted to Yunas heartbroken search for her lost love. 

Like we said earlier, plenty of Final Fantasies suggest romantic involvement between characters, but its Tidus and Yuna that express these feelings in a believable manner. Weve been told X is in love with Y, and that A has feelings for B, but with these two, we dont have to infer we can just tell.

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2. Max Payne ( Max Payne and Michelle Payne ) -

"I thought I would be her knight in shining armor."

The death of his wife is a massive motivator for Max Payne's life. From his reckless, self-destructive lifestyle to his addictions to alcohol and painkillers, we can see the shrapnel from when his damned heart exploded stuck in nearly every aspect of his life. The regret, the shame, and the self-hatred for letting Michelle die is what fuels Max and makes him able to perform all the foolhardy maneuvers that make him who he is.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Max Payne ( Max Payne and Michelle Payne )

Although Mona Sax provided a small distraction for Max, the overwhelming weight of losing his loved one in such a violent and traumatising way made it impossible for him to ever move on. Sadly, this can be the reality for those in shoes similar to Payne's.

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3. Uncharted Series ( Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher ) -

First met when: 

She decided to film his search for buried treasure. 

Why they're the best: 

Despite some of the very outlandish places the Uncharted series has ended up, the whole thing has stayed grounded in reality, thanks to the natural performances by Nolan North (Nathan Drake) and Emily Rose (Elena Fisher). From the combined efforts of the gifted actors who both read the lines and participate in the motion capturing along with two stellar scripts, one of gaming most realistic, sympathetic couples has emerged. 

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Uncharted Series ( Nathan Drake and Elena Fisher )

Therese a real chemistry between the two that there in the first scene of the first game, and it only grows with time. By Uncharted end, they seem to have made a real connection. Though Nathan does end up saving Elena occasionally, shes still able to hold her own in shootouts and gruelling climbing sequences, making them closer to equals. As they hurl witticisms at one another and get to know each other over the course of one long day, she, the committed journalist, comes to respect and even love Drake, the roguish treasure hunter with a heart of gold. 

Warning, Uncharted 2 spoilers ahead! When Drakes new love interest, Chloe, was first introduced and Elena was nowhere to be found, we were worried that the series would be like James Bond, with a new flame every game. Instead, sexpot Chloe becomes an interesting counter to Elena when she reappears about halfway through Uncharted 2. While Chloe isn't a bad person, she seems better as a friend with benefits, while the dependable Elena comes off more as someone Drake could have a future with. Several times, Elena is shown to have a little more compassion in her heart than the self-interested Chloe, plus she has better taste in guys. We weren't surprised that by the end, Elena and Drake were back together, while Chloe walked away empty-handed.

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4. Prince Of Persia ( Elika and The Prince ) -

"Patience brings its own rewards..."

Not a lot of people are willing to heap praise on the 2008 revival of Prince of Persia, prefering to cite the Farrah/Prince romance of Sands of Time as a better example of a romantic narrative, but it never felt as authentic as the one between The Prince and Elika.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, 4. Prince Of Persia ( Elika and The Prince ).

All through the game she's there for you, literally saving your life from every misstep and lost battle. Sure, they may butt heads and pass more than a few jokes between each other at times, but as the Tree of Life dictates they are bound to each other for their love both dooms and saves them. It's remarkably poetic if you're into looping metaphysical constructs.

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5. Dragon Age ( The Player and Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Zevran, Isabela, Merrill, Anders, Fenris, or Sebastian ) -

"I haven't felt this close to anyone in a long time. I really enjoy your company."

Neither of the Dragon Age games have particularly eloquent romantic dialog, but given the sheer number of partner options and the fact that you've got to court your sweetheart to make any headway, it's a surprisingly realistic simulation.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Dragon Age ( The Player and Alistair, Morrigan, Leliana, Zevran, Isabela, Merrill, Anders, Fenris, or Sebastian ).

What sets Dragon Age: Origins in particular above other BioWare romances is that the game's morality system isn't a sliding scale of good/evil but rather a whole bunch of trust/opinion counters for each character. This means that your actions and choices - like in real life - have a direct effect on the potentiality of connecting with every given character. Some doors open, some doors close.

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6. Halo Series ( Master Chief and Cortana ) -

First met when: 

She chose him as her carrier to aid in the Battle of Reach. 

Why they're the best: 

Trust and loyalty are fundamental elements of any good relationship, and these two are balls-deep in trust and loyalty. No matter what, Master Chief and his holographic artificial-intelligence girlfriend stick by each other. Even when the Gravemind had Cortana under its control, and she lured Chief into a Flood trap, he followed her. If fighting hordes of zombie-like horrors while your woman is losing her mind and constantly nagging at you throughout a level that looks like an anus isnt love, then we dont know what love is. 

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Halo Series ( Master Chief and Cortana ).

An all-out space war is no match for this Bonnie-and-Clyde duo, either. Even during the most intense situations, Master Chief and Cortana still find time to flirt, whether theyre actively bombing the Covenant in Halo: Combat Evolved (Unfortunately for us both, she says, I like crazy.) or just joking, in the novels, about which of them is better at blowing things up.

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7. The Mass Effect Romances -

There aren’t very many same-sex relationships in video games today. But the open-world Mass Effect has pioneered the option to decide who your character can romance. Be it a man, a woman, or in the case of Liara T’Soni – a hyper intelligent blue humanoid from the planet Thessia.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, The Mass Effect Romances.

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8. Resident Evil ( Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong ) -

Is there anything that can bring a couple closer together than a zombie apocalypse? Probably not. Throughout several Resident Evil games, Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong have proved time and time again that nothing can overcome the apocalypse more than the power of love. Also…maybe a couple of Desert Eagles and a rocket launcher.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Resident Evil ( Leon Kennedy and Ada Wong ).

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9. Heavy Rain ( Ethan Mars, Grace Mars and Madison Paige ) -

"Please Madison, leave. Forget everything that's happened. There is nothing more you can do for me."

Poor, poor Ethan Mars. As if losing his son in a freak accident wasn't bad enough, the damage it dealt to his relationship with his wife was irreconcilable. Seeing the sorry state of his marriage after the fact hammered home just how devastating a tragedy of that magnitude can be and anyone who's suffered a rift due to uncontrollable circumstance could instantly understand.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Heavy Rain ( Ethan Mars, Grace Mars and Madison Paige ).

As things progress and Ethan finds Madison, the ghost of his dead son continues to prove a burden on his ability to be intimate. He pushes her away, despite desperately needing the reprieve she provides him and it's only after he regains his emotional composure that he's able to accept her; if that happens at all.

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10. Catherine ( Catherine, Katherine, and Vincent ) -

"Marriage, all in all, is a cowardly method that tries to subdue love through torture."

Growing up is hard enough without someone pushing you into it and although Vincent's day for manhood has long been overdue, Katherine's insistence that he start taking life seriously by pushing him towards marriage aren't helping. Whether she was a delusion or a demon, when the buxxom Catherine suddenly provides an out for Vincent, entangling him in an affair, it only further's his realization that he's just not ready and exacerbates his vilification of his long-time girlfriend.

Top 10 Epic Video Game Romances That Will Level Up Your Heart, Catherine ( Catherine, Katherine, and Vincent ).

Although it's easy to point blame at Vincent for his involvement with another woman while dating Katherine, the game does a fantastic job of making the player realise that staying with her may not be his best option. This story of infidelity, pressure, and the fear of breaking someone's heart handles it all with more grace than most films.


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