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An Open Letter To Bloggers Struggling To Get More Traffic

Funny, isn’t it?

While every other guy next to you is raving to date a beautiful girl or maybe dreaming to get a white collar job with the sky high package.

We bloggers, on the other hand, dream to have high DA backlinks, thousands of email subscribers, huge social following and tons of traffic.

An Open Letter To Bloggers Struggling To Get More Traffic

Did you realize that? As a blogger, our definition of happiness changes. Every time, you saw an email notification which says something like this:

Yippee! Your list has gained a new subscriber.

Or when you saw a spike of traffic in your analytics.

Or when you received a fan mail.

Or when you get hundreds of comments & everyone appreciating your content.

These are the things which make us happy.

For us, acceptance of our guest post on a popular blog is something way more delightful than any girl’s proposal!

Not because I’m an asshole (well, maybe). No, the real reason is I felt like we were serving the needs of the market. People wanted to know how to get more traffic, so we created courses teaching them how.

We freaking love it!

We aren’t forced or compelled here, neither by our parents nor by anybody. We’re doing it, because we actually love doing it. Not because of somebody else.

But wait!

Let’s get real here -

I do have a few questions in my mind, perhaps it must be pondering in yours as well.

How long will it continue?

If you’re student, great! It’s your favorite pass time and you’re also earning a bit from your blog, but will you continue it even after your studies are over?

Do you’ve the guts to choose blogging over full time job?

And if you’re working and blogging in your free time, may be for fun or just to support your expenditures, did you made any plan to quit the job you hate going every morning?

Do you have the courage to do so?

The Brutal Truth about Building a Popular Blog -

After working with thousands of students, I can confidently say there are only a few hundred topics where blogging really works.

For instance, ever noticed how many parenting blogs there are?

Or marketing blogs?

Or social media blogs?

There’s a reason why. Blogging works really well for those types of topics.

But there aren’t any popular blogs about retirement, weddings, or becoming a better real estate agent.

And here’s the real shocker…

There never will be.

Yes, there are millions of people interested in those topics. Yes, it seems like you should be able to build a blog around them.

But you can’t.

Doesn’t matter how hard you work. Doesn’t matter how smart you are. Doesn’t matter how many connections you have.

It’s impossible.

In fact, it’s impossible to build a popular blog around 99% of our passions.

Let me explain why…

The Seven Tests Every Blog Must Pass -

For months, I researched what blogs succeed and fail, and I found seven criteria or “tests” every blog passes before it becomes popular.

And here’s the thing:

To have a viable blog, you need to pass all seven tests. If you can’t, your blog will never succeed, no matter how hard you try.

On a more positive note, passing all seven of these tests practically guarantees you can build a popular blog. All that’s left is doing the work to make it happen.

Ready to find out what the tests are?

Here you go:

1. Size- 

The vast majority of popular blogs have a total market size of at least 5 million people. And that’s a minimum. Most top 100 blogs have a total market size of 200 million or more. To be clear, that’s not how many readers they have. That’s how many readers they could have if everyone with an interest in the topic read their blog.

2. Age- 

The vast majority of blog readers are between the ages of 30 and 55. If you’re targeting an audience younger or older than that window, such as teenagers or baby boomers, it’s almost impossible to build a popular blog, simply because these people don’t like reading blogs. Not yet, anyway.

3. Longevity- 

Because blogs publish content on an ongoing basis, you need an audience that has an ongoing interest. Ideally, it’s a topic like personal finance or social media that changes all the time, and so people want to read about it forever. What you don’t want is a topic like wedding planning or pregnancy, because people are only interested in those subjects for a few months.

4. Language- 

In general, blogging as we know it is confined to the English language. Yes, it’s totally possible to build a popular blog in Japanese or Spanish, but the traffic techniques are totally different, and it’s much, much more difficult. In my opinion, it’s far more efficient to use other more traditional methods to build the audience, such as advertising.

5. Network-

 For a blog to really take off, you need an audience who is networked with each other through social media. Moms talk with each other on Facebook, foodies hang out on Pinterest, bloggers and journalists are big on Twitter. As a result, they are easy to reach. If your audience isn’t hanging out on a particular social media platform, on the other hand, it’s almost impossible to get any traffic.

6. Influencer- 

If a blog topic is viable, you pretty much always find influencers who have already built up their own audiences in the space. Sometimes they are bloggers, sometimes they are podcasters, sometimes they are best-selling authors. The key point: with a little research, you can easily find 5-10 influencers or “thought leaders” already dominating the space. If you can’t find any, there’s always a reason why, and it’s never good.

7. Desirability-

Last but certainly not least, you need to like the audience. Surprisingly, this is the number one reason a blog stalls out following a period of rapid growth. After attracting a small audience, the blogger discovers they can’t stand them, and they stop writing because it’s not fun anymore. The moral of the story: make sure you like the people you are trying to attract because you’ll be hanging out with them for years.

You either do it or you die a coward -

You know what is the harsh truth?

You have crystal clear in mind what you want to do with your life. You’ve dreams and you’ve to accomplish them.

That’s what you think every time you go to your job or doing the things you hate the most. You know exactly what you are supposed to do with your life.

You’re serious enough about blogging, if you wasn’t, you wouldn’t be still here reading this long post. You know, deep inside your sense whispering, “This is what I meant to do.”

How long, you will neglect your inner voices?

You might say,Soumadeep, you don’t understand, I’ve a lot of other problems to tackle.”

Yes, you’re right. I don’t.

But I do understand the difference between living & existing.

What’s the point of living if you’re doing it just for the money purposes?

I’m not saying to quit your job and start blogging straight away but you can have a plan to do it incoming time. It’s okay, if you’re doing 9-5 job, but dude 8 PM-2 AM is a lot of time to do the damage.

It’s all about priorities my friend. I do understand you, but in the end it’s you who have to decide where you want to see yourself in next 10 years from now.

I do have a bank loan and family debts which I’ve to clear myself. I’m doing odd jobs for the survival. There are times, when I wasn’t able to put food on the table for myself, but I didn’t quit and neither am I going to be.

I’ve learned that either you gave excuses or start doing the real things because the problems are the part of life and it’s never going to end.

So, your excuses are just excuses.

Get OVER it and start blogging. GOD DAMN IT!

Share your thoughts in comment and don’t forget to share with other bloggers on your social network.

An Open Letter To Bloggers Struggling To Get More Traffic


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  1. I blog for fun and to educate people. I know that my blogs will never have a lot of traffic or make a lot of money. I started out blogging about frugality, then discovered that frugal people don't click ads, so that was pointless. I still do blog about frugality, but now I also have other blogs on other topics. I don't make any money on them, but I don't really try to. I found out that freelance writing is much more profitable than blogging, so I just do it for fun.

  2. Good point about Social Interaction. We generated over 3,500 visitors who spent time on 11,000 page views referred form just one Social Media site. And that page only has 1,470 fans. But they SHARED a bunch and of course that created the viral effect.
    Over 50 people took time to comment and the thread is on-going.
    Thanks for sharing the 7 Steps

  3. Very informative post. Nicely written and thought provoking. Keep up the good work.

  4. Nicely written....harsh but true. Every point of those 7 points makes sense.


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