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How To Reclaim More Than 1 GB Of Free Space On Your Android Phone

There more likely than not been cases throughout your life when your phone memory turns out to be full and you must choose between limited options to erase your favourite pics on your phone to recover some free space. Another choice is to shell some additional bucks to purchase memory. Be that as it may, here i am letting you know an one of a kind method by which you can free your phone space without losing any information.

How To Reclaim More Than 1 GB Of Free Space On Your Android Phone

Step By Step Method To Reclaim More Than 1GB Of Free Space

  • Browse through the phone files and locate DCIM folder.
  • Now inside it there will be a folder named .thumbnails.
  • Go inside that and you will find all the thumbnails of your pictures along with files named something like this .thumbdata5-1763506540_0.
  • You will notice they are the largest sized files in this directory. The size of these files constitute about an average of 20% of the total space taken by all the pics.

How To Reclaim More Than 1 GB Of Free Space On Your Android Phone

  • What happen if you delete thumbdata files ? Surprisingly , Nothing. Except that it will free considerable space on your android os and all the apps and gallery will be fine.

But wait a sec. These are system files, and Android will automatically create them after you delete them.

So Here The Solution

  • Just copy the name of the file and delete the files.
  • Create a .txt file named as the name of the file.
  • Move it to the .thumb directory.
  • Remove the extension .txt from last and add in the start. 
  • That's It, the android will get confused and will not create this space eating huge index file again.


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