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Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

When it comes to new parenthood and the quantity of supportive apps appearing, it appears the chances are ever to support us. Whether it's following the size of your growing belly from bump to beach ball or watching nursing or turning points, we've set up together ten of the absolute best apps for new mothers and inexperienced parents.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

A baby means you required (and deserve!) the best help that mom can get, and at times that is an app. Between doing combating absence of sleep, dirty diapers, night time feedings and specialist visits, and at the same time attempting to your babe's milestones, on the off chance that you live off your advanced mobile phone or tablet, you'll need to download these apps to help you oversee it all.

1. Ready, Set, Baby!

  • Price: $9.99 for iOS.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

The "Ready, Set, Baby!" team is a collaboration of five leading child care experts and an award-winning author, Maureen Connolly. Together, they've created the essential guide to becoming an informed, empowered, and confident new parent. Raise a happy, healthy baby with 80 expert videos, full-color slide shows, and interactive guided tours.

2. Baby Sprout app

  • Price: $4.99 for iOS,iPhone, iPad.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

This one’s kind of the motherload of new mom apps. It’s got all the tracking tools, all the planners, and all the checklists, countdowns, advice and information about your newborn that you’ll ever need in one spot: your iPhone or iPad. And when I say all, I mean all. The app has sleep, feeding, pumping, solid food, diaper change, growth, and immunization trackers, plus medical record tools that help you keep track of your baby’s wellness check-ups and sick visits with the pediatrician.

3. Baby Sleep: Lullabies and Teddies

  • Price: $0.99 for iOS,iPhone, iPad.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Babies love lullabies and you gotta love an app for its simplicity. Baby Sleep: Lullabies and Teddies include 21 lullabies (ex. Au Claire de la lune, Edelweiss, Hickory Dickery Dock, Rock a Bye Baby) with cute images of plush animals. Just pull the string and the music starts. 

4. Eat Sleep: Simple Baby Tracking

  • Price: Free for iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4 or later.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Exactly how many diapers do babies go through when they’re newborns? It might seem mundane to be tracking diapers, but what you’re really tracking is output (and intake). Weight gain is crucial, and for nursing moms, especially, dirty and wet diapers are the only indication that babies are eating enough.

5. Lifecake App

  • Price: Free for iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4 or later.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Lifecake is now a Canon company! And your family's memories are safe with one of the most trusted brands in photography, who've been helping families remember, share and print moments for nearly 80 years. With Canon's help and technology we have lots of exciting improvements coming, and this update - codenamed ‘Angelica, Vittoria & Margherita’, after three very special Lifecake toddlers.

6. iVaccine - Vaccine Tracker

  • Price: Free for iOS and Android.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Baby vaccine reminder & tracker with vaccine descriptions and customized alerts for upcoming vaccinations. iVaccine is the first child vaccine reminder application of its kind, designed to ensure you don't forget or lose track of your child's shots, iVaccine uses your regions immunization schedule to automatically send out reminders for any upcoming vaccination!

7. 23snaps - Family Photo Album

  • Price: Free download on Google Play, iTunes, Windows Store.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Save and privately share all of your special family moments in a beautiful online journal. 23snaps is the free, private family photo album that allows parents to save and share photos, videos, and stories of their child’s precious moments, and share them with a closed network of family and close friends - anywhere in the world.

8. Joya Video

  • Price: Free for iOS, Google Play.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

With a baby in the house, nearly every moment seems worth recording. But that two minute-long video of your baby adorably trying to roll over is too long to send -- or is it? With Joya, there is no video clip too large to send to family, friends, relatives and anyone else who would be interested. The app sends the video via email or text, and recipients can view the clip with a private link.

9. DayOne App

  • Price: $4.99 for iTunes.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

If it seems like we’re always singing this app’s praises, it’s because we kind of are. The DayOne app is easy, it’s intuitive, and can help you make up for lost time. I know I had full intentions of keeping up with my son’s book, but then life took over. That’s the thing–with DayOne I can record this life as it’s happening. It’s photo-driven and so so simple to use. Add captions, longer journal entries, tags, and keywords to your pic.

10. Baby Soother

  • Price: Free for Android.

Top 10 Best Baby Apps For New Parents

Help baby to sleep with the Baby Soother by having your little one’s favourite soothing sounds at your fingertips. As well as common relaxing sounds and lullabies, the Baby Soother provides a variety of low frequency sounds which are designed to simulate the comfort of the womb environment. These familiar sounds have proven calming effect, can stop babies crying and help them drift off to sleep.


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