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Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!

The Xiaomi Mi Band is a marvelous gadget with progressive changes alongside it. It is not additional normal in design but rather in features it is. Really, the value makes it truly great as it is just $15.64. On the off chance that you have $15.64 then you can undoubtedly buy it.

Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!

The Mi Band has extraordinary number of features which will just flabbergast you. It understand and track your every move with the assistance of its Military-grade Sensor with 30 day battery, isn't marvelous? It is a pedometer or movement sensor which tracks your everything exercises. 

Besides, it let you to associate your Mi Band with your Smartphone through Bluetooth and exchange the applicable information. It has additionally got a vibration engine which you may use for alerts or alarms. It gives you the data of; separation secured, steps, calories blazed and soon. The subtle elements which Mi Ban gives you is 100% real. 

I have composed itemized specs and features of Mi Band and alongside that will help you to discover that how you can purchase Mi Band.

Specifications of Mi Band

Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!

First I am going to share all the specification of Mi Band with you guys in order to build that eager to move towards the features of it.

  • Its face is 14 mm wide and 9 mm Long.

  • It is water and dust resistant.

  • It is very light in weight around 5 gram.

  • Military-Grade Accelerometer Sensor.

  • It has  also included Premium Quality Bluetooth chip.

  • It is available in Black, Blue, Orange, Green, Pink and some other colors.

  • It is compatible with iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5, 5c, 5S, 4 and 4S running on iOS 7 and above. It is also compatible with Android 4.4 and above, Mi 3, Redmi Note 4G.


Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!

I am sure that above specs have produced eager among you and you desperately want to know about its features. So, here I have listed all the main features of Mi Band which will compel you to buy it for yourself too.

  • It has 30 Days Battery Backup including Military-grade Sensor.

  • It Monitors your daily fitness level which includes tracking your distance, steps, burnt calories and other fitness activities.

  • You can get your activity report of particular time.

  • It also help you to set sleeping time and at that time your Mi Band will remain inactive.

  • You can sync between apps to get the complete report of your fitness and it can be done using Bluetooth Low Energy.

  • You can integrate your Mi Band with your phone and can use it to unlock your phone. Ones you have integrated it then you’ll not be asked to enter any passcode or password. You will be reorganized by Mi Band.

  • You can set alerts on your Mi Band for various purposes.

  • It is a complete tested gadget.

Want to Buy it?

Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!

Now, I am 100% sure that these all features and specs of Mi Band has established a great squirm in you and you are eager to buy it then follow these simple steps;

  • If you are in India then you can buy Mi Band at Rocket Kommerce LLP, which are official distributor of Mi Band.

  • You can also order it from any online retailers. Then you may grab it Here.

Xiaomi Mi Band – Everything You Should Know About it!


This was all which I have got for you about Mi Band. I am certain that this would have demonstrated helpful for you. On the off chance that you have any things to ask then lend your questions in the comment box. I should return to your questions as quickly as time permits and will attempt to resolve them. Don't forget share this Tips & Tricks.

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