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Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

VLC is probably the most versatile video player you can download due to its amazing ability to play almost any codec you throw at it. This alone makes this app a worthy addition to your software suite. While most people use VLC as a simple video player, it is so much more than that. VLC is the Swiss Army Knife of video players with features that are hidden and unknown to the casual user.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

Ok, time to man up and make the most out of your shiny new software program. VLC is an awsome video and media player - this, everybody will tell you. But you can do so much more with it. In this article we will show you exactly what and how. Ready? Set, Go!

1. Convert Video File From One Format To Another

Did you know that you can use VLC to convert your media files into a wide variety of formats? The app lets you choose exactly how you would like to convert them or you can simply use a given preset.

  • Go to Media > Convert / Save (Alternatively you can Press CTRL + R to go directly to the window). Browse from add button your media file. Click on convert / save.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • Choose the desired codec to Convert to from the drop down. Choose the destination folder by browsing to the relevant location on your PC. Finally click on start button to initialize the process.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

2. Record Your Desktop

Desktop recording software ranges from poor quality and free to incredibly powerful and expensive. VLC manages to strike a balance between both. In our tests, it wasn't powerful enough to, say, screen record a movie. However, for showing someone a problem you're having on a computer or providing quick instructions on how to perform a task, it's more than enough.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • Under Media, click "Open Capture Device".
  • Click the "Capture Mode" dropdown and select "Desktop".
  • Modify the frame rate. 15 f/s will probably be good enough for desktop recording, though 30 may be required for more fast-paced movement.
  • Click the dropdown arrow next to "Play" and select "Convert".
  • In the "Profile" dropdown, choose MP4.
At this step, you can click the tool icon to modify the settings of this profile. Here you can modify things like resolution or bitrate. We'll use the default settings for now, but you can come back here later if you need to tweak the final product.
  • In the Destination box, choose a location to place the finished file.
  • Click Start.
Once you click Start, VLC will stream a feed of your desktop into itself behind the scenes. Let it run while you record your workspace. When you're done, you can click the stop buton in the player controls to end recording.

3. Record A Part Of Video Playing On VLC

If you want to record and capture a snippet of a video that you are playing, VLC has an option to do so.
  • Go to View > Advanced controls and check Advanced controls option.
  • A new options bar will pop up just above the playing control button of vlc in the bottom of the video.
  • Now, Click on the red record button to start recording the video and click it again to stop recording it.
  • Alternatively, you cal also press Shift + R to start recording and again Press Shift + R to stop recording the video.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

Note that the videos will be saved by default in videos folder in windows. To change the saving location of the recorded videos -
  • Go to Tools > Preferences > Input&codecs and Record directory or Filename.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

4. Use VLC As A Webcam Recorder

Your webcam may or may not have come with software to take pictures and record videos. However, chances are VLC has some advantages over both. Not only can you choose several different types of formats to record to, you can also tweak a number of fine grain settings if needed. This is helpful for making YouTube videos or recording video messages to send to friends or relatives. Here's how to record video from your webcam:
  • Under Media, click Open Capture Device.
  • In the "Capture mode" drop down, select DirectShow.
  • For "Video device name" choose your webcam.
  • For "Audio device name" choose your microphone.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • Click "Advanced options" -
                                                   1. If you want to use the software that came with your device to control input settings, choose "Device properties".

                                                   2. Otherwise, enter a value for "Video input frame rate" 30 is a good rule of thumb for smooth video, though you can use less if you're not concerned about quality.

                                                   3. Click Okay. That's It!

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

At this point, you have two options. You can click Play to play live video through VLC and record segments as needed by pressing the red Record button. Alternatively, you can choose "Convert/Save" from the dropdown and select where you would like the recorded file to go. Both methods have their advantages. The former allows you to preview your video and take clips in short bursts. However, this method requires headphones, as it can create a feedback loop. It also may cause a more sluggish recording on slower computers.

5. Take A Snapshot Of The Video With VLC

This is the easiest and coolest feature of VLC player. While playing a video, if you want to take a screenshot-

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • Just press shift + s for Windows users. 
  • Just press Linux or CMD + ALT + S for OS X users.

6. Remote Control VLC From A Browser

There is an option available to use a web browser as a simple remote control for VLC. This is incredibly useful when running VLC on a media center PC, as you can control it using a laptop or your mobile phone. To enable this feature -
  • Go to Tools > Preference, and click the radio box All under Show settings
  • Next, go to Interface > Main Interface and tick the Web check box.
  • Then, under Interface > Main > Lua, set the Lua HTTP Password.
  • Remote control through the browser should now be enabled.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

To test this, on your browser with VLC installed, go to localhost:8080. It will ask for the password and once given, it should display a remote control interface for VLC. To use this on another device, you will need to find the IP address of your devices’s browser. Add the address on your device’s browser with :8080 appended to it, for example Your device is now a simple VLC remote.

7. Rip A DVD With VLC Player

Did you know you can use VLC to rip your DVD’s into your computer? It’s a simple way to create an archive of your DVD’s for backup purposes or a way to view them when you do not have access to the physical disc.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • Go to Media > Convert / Save and click on the Disc tab.
  • Under Disc Selection, click on the radio button of the media disc you are using and check No disc menu.
  • Make sure the selected Disc device is correct and click Convert / Save.
  • Choose the codec you wish to save in and save it with the extension that is compatible with your codec.

8. Play Video As ASCII Characters

For a bit of fun, VLC media player allows you to display a video all in ACSII characters. To enable this fun feature -
  • Go to Tools > Preference and click on Video.
  • Under the Output drop down box, choose Color ASCII art video output
  • Your video will now be displayed entirely in ACSII.
Now try watching like this -

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

9. Add Watermark To The Video

You can add your own watermarks on a video through VLC, bypassing a need for a dedicated video editor to do so. Do remember though that you will need to use VLC’s recording feature to save the video with the watermark.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

  • To start, go to Tools > Effects and Filters and then go to video effects and then overlay tab.
  • Now Browse to add your logo here. You can re position it by giving setting it in top and left in px.
  • Once the logo is added, start playing the video and also record it.

10. Subscribe to Podcasts

If you are looking for a very simple podcast subscription app, VLC can fill that need. You can use the app to subscribe to your favorite video and audio podcast and view them all within the app.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

Once you've found the RSS feed for the podcast you want to keep up with, follow these steps:
  • In VLC's sidebar, scroll down until you see Podcasts.
  • Hover your mouse over Podcasts and click the plus sign on the right.
  • Paste the RSS feed URL of the show you want to add.
  • Click OK. That's it!
Now, your podcast of choice will appear in the Podcasts sidebar section. Click on the name of a show and you'll see a list of available episodes. Double click on any one of them to start streaming.

Others Some VLC Tips & Tricks

There are some also others tricks about VLC. You must try it now!

11. Play Directly From Youtube Or Any Other Media Source Over Internet

Press CTRl + V and enter the url to directly play video from media source.

12. Slowdown Or Fast Forward The Video Playing Speed

Just Click  ]  on your PC and it will increase by 0.1x speed each time you press the key. To decrease and slow down the speed just press  [   on your keyboard.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

13. Change Your Skin Or Get Add-On To Enhance VLC

Just like chrome, you can extend the features or change the skin of your vlc player. Add it, they are free and awesome.

Top 15 Best VLC Tips & Tricks You Should Know Right Now

14. Play Media Without Unzipping It On VLC

You don’t need to extract media to play it on VLC. Just add your zipped folder on VLC and start playing to check if there is a need to unzip it or not.

15. Play images right out of a CD

If you have an audio CD, a SVCD, or VCD packaged inside a CD-image, your VLC media player can play this without you having to mount the CD or extract it. You can simply choose "open file" and pick the CD-image.


This was our definitive rundown about Top 15 Best VLC Tricks, we are certain that these tricks would have been proven useful for a considerable lot of the users out there. On the off chance that you have any sort questions left identified with these tricks then lend your inquiries in the comment box. Any of our team members will hit them up in no time. 

Was it Helpful? If your answer is Yes! Then I would ask for shares from your side. You may never know that your share may be proven helpful for many of the users out there. So, keep sharing and liking our content over social media.

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