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Top 10 Tips & Tricks for Google Plus You Don’t Know About

Google+ is a place to connect with friends and family, and explore all of your interests. With 500 million users registered as of January 2013, most users still treat + as the red headed step child. This may be due to slow adoption and a tricky interface. Here are some useful tips, tricks, hacks, extensions, and apps for novices and experts alike to enhance your Google Plus experience and maximize the most out of your account.

Top 10 Tricks for Google Plus You Don’t Know About

1. Use A Shorter URL For Your Google+ Profile

Vanity URLs have only been given to Google+ pages that look like this : To dot his for individual pages, try Google Plus Nick. All you have to do is choose a nickname and enter your Google+ ID (You can find your Google+ ID by going to your profile and copying out all the numbers on the address bar). You will get something like this,

2. Turn Google Plus Chat into HD Chat

The Google Plus video chat uses standard definition. You shouldn’t have to stand for that in 2013. Enable High Definition if your webcam is built for it. Click the triangle next to the chat and choose “Enable High Resolution Video” in the settings.

3. Topsy for Google+

Interested in seeing what people are saying about you or your brand on Google Plus? Check out Topsy’s Google Plus Beta Search. Topsy provides instant search results and analytics for Google Plus and Twitter as well. Topsy is also great for checking out what’s currently trending on Google Plus.

4. Link to your content

If you produce anything on the Web, whether it's a local Blogger site or a guest post on Orbtricks associate the link with your Google+ profile. There are some hoops you'll need to jump through first — it's easier if you have an email address associated with the domain you're trying to link to — but you can find full instructions here. You'll need to add the site in question to the "Contributor to" section of your profile.

5. Back up your photos

Google+'s slow takeover of Picasa Web Albums is something of a mess at the moment, but while you wait for Google to untangle the crossover you can automatically upload all of your mobile snaps to a private album on Google+ for safe keeping. You'll need to install the G+ app for Android or iOS, then use the settings page to activate instant uploads — your pictures will be shrunk to a maximum of 2,048 pixels wide, and you can store an unlimited number of photos. Android users have the option to store images at their original size, in which case the space will be taken out of your Google Drive allocation.

6. Google Plus Hashtagging

Google Plus now supports hashtags and the best part is you can include hashtags in your posts. It can even automatically add hashtags to related phrases in your content but keeping this outside of the content. This means you can keep your post clean without having to include #uglytagslikethis.

You can search for hashtags by your friends only by filtering Google Plus search using Hashtags and Circles. Search for your hashtags only by filtering the search results by choosing the “From You” option.

7. Use Bold, Strikethrough and Italic Text In Google+

Google+ also has included 3 rich text formatting you can easily use on posts and comments.

  • Bold a word:                        *bold*

  • Strikethrough a word:         -strikethrough-

  • Italicize a word:                   _italic_

8. Google Hangouts Fun Tricks

When using Hangouts, try typing in these few codes to add some fun to your chat boxes.

        Shortcuts Descriptions

  • /ponies            A pony will run across the chat window
  • /pitchfork An angry mob with pitchforks will run across the chat window
  • /ponystream A non-stop stream of ponies will run across the chat window; type again to turn off
  • /bikeshed        Changes the background color of the chat window.
  • /shydino          A shy dinosaur will appear in the middle of the chat window

The most useful code we found is /bikeshed as it gives you a random background color for that window. However, the color is not permanent so if you restart a new chatbox, type it in again to get another color. These codes also does not affect the look of the chatboxes of the recipient, so only you can view the changes.

9. Google+ Keyboard Shortcuts


  • J                            Next Post On stream

  • K                           Previous post on stream

  • O                           Expand / collapse current post

  • N                           Next comment on current post

  • P                           Previous comment on current post

  • R                           Type comment on current post

  • Tab + Enter Add comment on current post

  • L                            Load new posts

  • Spacebar                Scroll Down

  • Shift + Spacebar Scroll Up

  • / Search

  • ? Open keyboard shortcut help

  • @ Send a Google feedback

  • Left Arrow Opens list of pages. Use Up and Down arrow keys to navigate and Enter to select.

  • Right Arrow Scrolls to next content (Next picture in album)

10. Create A Google+ Badge For Your Personal Website

Want a profile badge? Go to this badge page and enter your profile or page URL. Profile badges looks different from Page badges. Alternatively, you can even just use the Google+ icon. If you choose a badge, you can configure the width, choose a dark or light theme and other HTML settings to fit your website or blog.


This was our definitive rundown of Google+ tips and tricks,we are certain that these tricks would have been proven useful for a considerable lot of the users out there. On the off chance that you have any sort questions left identified with these tricks then lend your inquiries in the comment box. Any of our team members will hit them up in no time. 

Moreover, on the off chance that you have discovered this guide supportive and worth reading then do offer it with your different friend and circle as well. Your shares may be demonstrated useful for a considerable lot of the users out there. Along these lines, continue sharing and continue helping other people.

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