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Top 10 Facebook Tips & Tricks You Might Not Know

At this point, you are all probably pretty familiar with Facebook, and some of the more common features like updating statuses, checking-in, browsing profiles, pages, and apps, and many more day to day actions.

Here are Ten of our favorite and interesting, Facebook tips and tricks for you try:

10 Facebook Tips/Tricks You Might Not Know

1. Connect To Multiple Facebook Accounts

You presumably saw that you can't login to more than one profile on Facebook. In any case, on the off chance that you use Chrome, there is an implicit profile feature that permits you to make another client profile on your program. 

  • Tap on the Navicon on the upper right of your Chrome program. Go to Settings.
  • Go to Users, and tap on Add new users.
  • Pick your Profile Picture and give a name for that users.
  • Tap on Create and another Window will be opened.
  • You can now login to your Facebook account according to user profile and effectively switch between clients at the upper right corner. 
This is accessible on Firefox also.

2. Accept All Friend Requests At Once

If you have a lot of pending friend requests list, you might find its tiring to accept all the requests one at a time. Apparently there is a way to accept all at once using a JavaScript code.

  • At your friend requests page, make sure to have all the requests loaded by scrolling down the page until the end.
  • Next, copy this JavaScript code:
javascript:for( i = 1;i<document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]").length;i++){document.getElementsByName("actions[accept]")[i].click();}void(0)
  • Paste it in the address bar of your friend requests page.
  • Make sure to manually add javascript: at the front of the code once you have pasted it in the address bar because some browsers will automatically remove that line.
  • Press Enter and watch the magic happens.

3. Hide Last Name On Facebook

Facebook needs you to pronounce your first and last name, that is two names, however in the event that you need to have your account bear one and only name (or simply your first name), you can. Indonesians can register an account with only one name since many of them actually go with just one name.So for you to have a single name like Neo here, look at the directions underneath:

  • Login to your Facebook account.
  • Grab any Indonesian proxy from this list here then change your proxy on your browser.
  • On Chrome for PC head to Settings > Show advanced settings > under Network, click on Change proxy settings > click on LAN Settings and tick "Use Proxy Server for your LAN".
  • Fill in the address box with the proxy, and the port box accordingly. For example, if your proxy is, "" goes into the address box and "8080" is the port.
  • Tick on Bypass Proxy Server For Local Addresses. Press OK.
  • Now, go to your Facebook Account settings page, change the language to "Bahasa Indonesia" and save changes.
  • Remove your Facebook last name and save changes again.
  • Once you have complete everything, revert to your original language.

4. Use Profile Picture As Emoticons

Did you know that you can turn your friend’s profile pictures into emoticons and use them in a Facebook chat? Here’s how to set it up:

  • First, visit the page of your friend you want to tag as an emoticon.
  • Then look for their Facebook username or their Profile ID from the address bar link. For example you want to get orbtricks from "".
  • In any Facebook chat, when you type [[orbtricks]], brackets included, the profile picture will show during the chat.
  • You can do this more than once in the same chat, and your friend(s) will not be notified when you use their profile picture as an emoticon in your chats.

5. Facebook Keyboard Shortcuts

Here are some Facebook keyboard shortcuts that you can use while browsing Facebook on Chrome for Mac.

                   Shortcuts Descriptions
Ctrl + Opt + 0      Help
Ctrl + Opt + 1      Home
Ctrl + Opt + 2      Timeline
Ctrl + Opt + 3      Friends
Ctrl + Opt + 4      Inbox
Ctrl + Opt + 5      Notifications
Ctrl + Opt + 6      Account Settings
Ctrl + Opt + 7      Privacy
Ctrl + Opt + 8      About
Ctrl + Opt + 9      Terms
Ctrl + Opt + M     New Message
C                      Comment on a story in News Feed
J and K              Scroll between News Feed stories
I                      Like or unlike a selected story
Q                      Search for a friend to chat with
P                      Focus on the text box when making a post
/                      Search
Ctrl + G              Search conversations
Ctrl + Q              Show/hide keyboard shortcuts
Ctrl + Delete      Archive/unarchive conversations
Ctrl + C              Mark as spam
Ctrl + C              Start a new message
Ctrl + I              Go to inbox
Ctrl + U              Go to other

6. Share Facebook Statuses With Profile Pictures and Names Blurred out

Want to share a Facebook status but want to blur out profile pictures and sensitive names? Use Status Snapper for the job since it will automatically blur out the user name and profile image. The image will also be automatically uploaded to imgur. 

7. Display Animated Gifs On Status Update With A Play Button

Why aren’t animated gifs on Facebook yet? With giphy gifs it already is. Just find a gif that you want from then share the link at your Facebook page.

8. Create Fake Facebook Status Conversation

Have you ever read about how World War II transpired on Facebook and the drama Avengers wreaked on Facebook? Well, those conversations are made possible with The Wall Machine. It’s a tool that allows you to forge status updates, comments, likes, recent activity, relationship update, and event attendance, with fake accounts and profile pictures as well.

9. Turn Off Facebook Notification Sounds

So you congratulated a friend on a wedding or new baby, or sent a get well soon note to a sickly friend, and now the Facebook notifications won’t stop coming. You have forgotten that Facebook notifications come with sounds and wish you could turn it off. Here’s how to stop it from making noise.

  • Head over to Facebook Account Settings > go to Notifications tab.
  • At the top, untick "Play a sound when each new notification is received" and Save Changes.

10. Photo Zoom For Facebook

With Photo Zoom you can view any photo updates on Facebook in a larger size on your timeline simply by hovering your mouse over it. Get the Chrome extension here.


This was all which I have got for you about Facebook Tips & Tricks. I am certain that this would have demonstrated helpful for you. On the off chance that you have any things to ask then lend your questions in the comment box. I should return to your questions as quickly as time permits and will attempt to resolve them. Don't forget share this article.

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  1. [ Smiles ] Honestly, I did not know of any of the shortcuts on Facebook until you highlighted them.

    Thank you for sharing this information.

    1. You are most welcome. Visit again. Thanking You.


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