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How To Block IP Address To Secure Your Computer

Keeping up security on computer or gadgets is an important thing to do, and this prevents access of unauthorized people on the system. Different sorts of personal and private information are accessible in computers and it is important to save such information from hackers or users who may hurt the content accessible in computers. There are different strategies by which system can be shielded from infection in the framework, for example, antivirus items, hostile to malware items or other security items. Additionally there are a few instruments which can keep malware from entering the framework and this could be possible by a strategy which request that you block IP Address.

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer

That is the reason that we are imparting this manual for you all which will be making you discover that, "How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer?" You should take after the below tips and tricks to get it going for you and to protect your computer from such attempts.

Downloading a tool

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer

At the point when users are browsing web on their computers or are downloading files, they can likewise download protection softwares which are important and important for protection of the system. Such free programming and tools can be downloaded which will consequently stop the dangerous IPs on your system.

Installing the tool

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer

The free version of tool can be downloaded easily from internet. Users can also have access to premium accounts by paying a substantial amount of money for it. Such premium access gives system more security and safety. Following steps can be followed for installation:

  • Download a free version from internet and sign in with an email address for successful downloading.

  • Version will then be downloaded on to your inbox, and then it can be installed on the system.

Features of the tool

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer

The tool has various features which are helpful in many ways to the users as mentioned below:

  • The tool is available for free for the users, thus one need not have to spend even a single penny on purchase of the tool.

  • Every connection and system connected to the computer will be scanned to find out if it is dangerous or harmless.

  • All the incoming and outgoing connection will be scanned and will then be compared to the items in the black list. If a match is found, then the connection to such IP will be closed thus securing your computer from access to the IP.

Database List

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer

The tool creates a list of IP addresses which can cause threat to the security or are from malicious sources. The lists of harmful addresses can be accessed from BlockList Pro, I-BlockList etc. In short a proper security plan can be accessed and used for blocking IPs on a system. The tools also works very well with the applications already installed within your system i.e. anti-virus software. An extra layer of security is provided to the computer to ensure that data and system remains safe completely.

Limitations of the tools

Tool has some limitations and it is important that system should be saved from the same. A malware within the system will send information from your system to the other user and such transfer should be restricted to maintain security. The tool is only efficient for closing down an unwanted IP, but for a malware which is already present in the system nothing at all can be done by the blocking tool. Anti-virus software is required for removing the Malware and in such case blocking tool is of no use and help.

How to Block IP Address to Secure Your Computer


This was our point of interest theory which has made you figure out how to block IP Address and shared all consequences connected to it. In the event that you have any sort of question or confusion left then do let us know. We might attempt to return to your questions and questions as quickly as time permits. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have discovered this guide accommodating and worth reading content then don't forget to share it to your different companions and circle as well.

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