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Facebook Security Tips - Scan Your Facebook Profile

We utilize antivirus to discover virus,trojans,malwares,worms and so on. So also there are a few applications in facebook which are outlined by driving antivirus organizations . 

These applications will filter your complete profile i.e your course of events and now and again additionally your companions timetable , beneath are the accumulation of such applications: 



Bitdefender Safego shields your Facebook account from different types of e-inconvenience: tricks, spam, malware and private information introduction. Safego likewise keeps your companions safe. 
Safego likewise keeps your online companions safe and … close. 



Shield against pernicious URLs by examining your food utilizing Norton Safe Web. Secure your companions by educating them with respect to vindictive URLs you may have in your food. OF FACEBOOK): OF FACEBOOK) works like antivirus for informal communities and applications. Utilizing complex calculations, we recognize posts and photographs that represent a danger to your security, security and notoriety. Notwithstanding your own Facebook profile, we likewise screen your companions system to keep you sheltered and secure.

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    1. Hello, Debarpan Mukherjee

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